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What to expect on a photoshoot…

So you want to know what to expect on a photoshoot with you child….

Firstly, it all depends on a number of factors, mainly which company is doing the shoot.

We must say though, from our experience all the production companies we have worked with are amazing with children, making them feel welcome, very friendly and they make the experience a fun one.

It can be difficult for children to do a specific thing needed so the photographers will adapt as much as they are allowed to get the best possible shots.

The biggest warning we can give is that there will be a lot of sitting around waiting, so taking things to keep your child occupied for several hours is a must!

Taking a few snacks, colouring books, reading books, even things like an iPad (with a full charge) are great items to take but obviously all depends what your child is interested in.

99% of shoots do provide snacks and drinks for the models and parents but it won’t be a full buffet so if your child is picky, take a few of your own.